Delivering Value to our Residents, Investors, and Communities.

Ascenda Capital aims to acquire real estate that balances long-term financial upside with positive community impact. Our proprietary strategy allows us to identify and invest in communities poised for the job and population growth that naturally spawns multifamily residential demand.
The firm’s area of expertise lies in the acquisition of market-rate, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), and workforce multifamily properties. Our objective is to furnish investment opportunities that produce ongoing, solid and consistent results, while at the same time bringing about positive social changes. We are committed to preserving the communities in which we invest while improving the lives of our residents.
Our unique strategy combines a boutique approach with institutional execution. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our investors with institutional quality asset management services and a variety of unique investment opportunities. At the same time, we benefit from the dynamic flexibility associated with our boutique investment management approach.

Recent Acquisitions

Arroyo Seco


Bungalows at Hueco Estates


Walnut Grove