• Aerial view of pool area with astroturf and lounge chairs


  • Street view of Latitude apartment building


  • Aerial view of neighborhood with houses in neat rows


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Nov 11, 2021

Empowering Residents to Thrive

With rent prices continuing to increase while wage growth remains stagnant, more and more individuals and families are being priced out of traditional market-rate housing. These often include veterans, retail personnel, restaurant staff, custodians, and other essential workers who are critical to the success of our communities.

Ascenda provides affordable housing opportunities to all who need them by developing and acquiring properties across the affordable housing spectrum. We are experienced in both the ground-up construction and acquisition of stabilized Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) communities across the country. At Ascenda, it is our goal to support underserved populations by creating high-quality, comfortable, uplifting affordable housing opportunities where our residents can not only live but live to the fullest. By continuously pursuing diversity, inclusion, and equity across our portfolio, we can help enhance the quality of life for groups that have been historically marginalized.